Our Mission:

gambling awareness +prevention


Our Mission

At Odds Off, we exist to protect young people and their future from the dangers of gambling.

We create awareness and take preventative measures against this annihilating addiction that is so often overlooked.

Many do not understand the severity and reality of this dependency until it is too late, especially young people.

We aim to decrease the number of problem gambling in adults by tackling this problem at grass roots level in secondary schools with our GAAP Program.

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The Problem



Thousand CHILDREN suffer

There are 25,000 known of children that are suffering with this addiction in the U.K. The true number will be even more disastrous with so many embarrassed and afraid of the consequences.



Thousand Children gamble weekly

There are nearly half a million children that place bets weekly in the U.K., many problem gamblers start from the ages 11-16, approximately 9/10. This is where it starts, stopping it before it begins is key.




In the U.K. there are 2.3+ million problem gamblers, our population is just under 60 million. This can only increase with advertisements bombarding daytime television and social media.


Our G.A.A.P. Program

The Odds Off Gambling Awareness/Abuse Prevention Program covers all the necessary steps to create awareness and to the best ability, prevent gambling abuse in young people.

Our program is delivered by our speakers who have experienced the silent suffering and devastation of this addiction first hand.

Lacking the correct action being taken to combat this sensitive topic, can often lead to disastrous results, and sadly, fatalities are not uncommon amongst problem gamblers.


House of lords, november 2018

For many years now the organisation Odds Off has advocated change regarding young people and gambling

- Baroness Floella Benjamin OBE, DL



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